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NCI programs are designed and developed to meet the unique needs for individuals, a specific community , or group. This includes workshops, experimental exercise, coaching and mentoring.

Our challenge is to identify and support talented and visionary youth.

Our target is underdeveloped and developing countries.

NCI provides reliable services to people in need for developing the skills necessary to encourage self-help projects and self-employment opportunities in order to deal with poverty, health and socio-economics strategies for building a healthy community through these activities:


People will gain self-awareness by developing a personal and professional vision, enhancing their strengths and capabilities, knowing their weaknesses and gaining business responsibilities. Furthermore they will gain business knowledge by knowing the markets and financial services and understanding services and products.


Job Search Workshops: Teach clients about researching employers and industries, networking, cold calling, informational interviewing, cover letter and resume writing, applications, interviews and follow up letters.

Gathering place will allow youth to develop relationships with established businesses in order that they gain an understanding of the role of local and global markets, identify resources in the community, research financial services networks and develop and maintain a professional network.


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